Full Name:
Scarlett Ingrid Johansson
Nick Names:
scarlett johansson, scarlett johannson
Birth Date:
Birth Place:
New York City, New York, U.S.
Actress, singer
Scarlett Johansson Wikipedia

Scarjoooooo! Who doesn't love this woman? She's funny, she's a great actress, she's gorgeous, she can sing... I could go on, but at a certain point you'll just think I have a strange crush on this lovely woman and I want you to know it's just a regular, normal crush. Anways, it's Scarlett Ingrid Johansson, the highest paid actress in the world, tatted up and one of the Avengers!

A high profile woman, she's dated a number of high profile people. In 2006, she was happily dating Josh Hartnett, but they split because of their busy schedule. This is realy good news for me because I've been told that I look like Josh Hartnett so I know I look like the kind of guy she would date.

Next, in 2007, Scarjo began dating Ryan Reynolds and eventually they got married. However, after two years, they broke up due to having busy schedules again. You might think, "How can you compete with Ryan freakin' Reynolds? He's so big right now. He's got abs upon abs and he's super funny!" Those are really good points and while I don't have abs (though I totally could if I went to the gym) I am definitely as funny as Ryan Reynolds.

Supposedly she dated Sean Penn, but only for a couple of months. That's not eveen a real relationship. That's just testing the waters out.

Then in 2012, Scarjo started dating a French journalist, Romain Dauriac and married him in 2014. She liked him for his brains and gentlemanly behavior. This is also good for me because I have the big brain and I treat people real good. They did get divorced, probably for not having enough time together.

Ok, so this is going to sound crazy, but her new engagement to SNL comedian, Colin Jost, is actually quite good for me. You're probably wondering how, but let me tell you before you wonder wrong. You see, it's been revealled by their friends that Scarjo "likes smart men, especially writer types" and "likes to be in love." You're probably thinking that does me no good now that she's engaged, but I think I'm still good. You see, they both have busy schedules. It's only a matter of time and then I get my chance.

I'm teasing. Scarjo, please stay happily married and find joy in life. If serial marriages are your thing, that's cool too. I don't want to wish an unhappy marriage on anyone though.

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